Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Contest Time! Happy Birthday to The Crochet Lounge!

As a way to celebrate the awesomeness that is The Crochet Lounge we are giving away the brand spankin new WINTER PRINCESS NEWBORN SET PATTERN! The winner will also receive a set of 3 of our new Erasable Stitch Markers! Win prizes from Moogly as well!

The Winter Princess Newborn Set Pattern comes in size 0-3 months. You get the pattern with lots of pictures and easy to read instructions for BOTH the hat and booties - which are adjustable and super easy to customize!

This giveaway will celebrate the first official pattern for sale in our shop (many, many more to come!), and the launch of our stitch marker line.

Enter today in the form below! And stay tuned for special discount codes for both the pattern and stitch markers after the contest is over! Be sure to register for blog post updates and stay in touch on Facebook!

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Check out this post on the Winter Princess Newborn Set for details and more pictures!

Here is a preview of our new ERASABLE stitch marker line....

I'm SO IN LOVE with these, and created them for myself! But I'm willing to share! I was sick of getting interrupted by my kids (and TV, and Facebook, and the phone....and life in general!) and losing my place in a pattern.

Here is why these rule:

-They are metal clips that are super easy to slide in and out of any yarn - there really is no snagging! The pointy smooth metal end ensures that!

-They are coated with a special paint that is erasable - the wood portion is sealed with special paint that wipes clean with water (or your finger!).

-Keep track of hook size, rows and stitches, what page your pattern was on, the name of your pattern, etc.....anything that will fit in the 1" wood area!

-I custom paint these with your choice of colors - and can add sparkles!

-They are permanently bonded using industrial strength glue, and are big enough that if you toss your WIP in a giant pile of WIPs (I've never done that - have you?), you can find them with no problem.

-They come in circles, and you can pre-order in a heart, cat, and bear shapes. More will follow over the next few months!

So basically - they rock. They have made my project pile much easier to manage. Be sure to enter to win a set today! 
And LIKE our Facebook page for a special coupon for after the contest! 

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