Craft Tutorials

Here are links to some other craft, kids, and garden tutorials, as done by a gimpy Mom in a wheelchair, who occasionally swears (more coming soon). CAL info below.

How to make a container Fairy Garden

 GOOP! An easy and fun toddler and kids craft.

 Stove Top Potpourri, aka "Make your house stink good"

Indoor Fairy Garden Tutorial

Gimpy Hooker Crochet - A - Longs 

In our Facebook group, The Gimpy Hookers, we decide to do a few Crochet-A-Long's (CAL's). I'm excited, as quite a few folks are new and wanting to learn, and I like learning new stuff too! They hopefully will be hosted by various people. To start, you are stuck with me though :)

For those of you that are not disabled, but still want to participate, I will be sharing them here as well! I would love to have you join in and crochet with us! We plan to start easy, and focus on pattern reading, then move into more challenging projects. So if you are new - start with CAL 1, and they will become more complicated as they go.

Crochet Video Tutorials and Techniques 
(multiple beginners series, lots of stitches, cool pattern techniques)

Group Pinterest Board for CAL's 
(links to patterns, posts, and pin pics of your progress, this is a group board. You must join the Gimpy Hooker blog to be added if you are not in the Facebook Group)

How a CAL works: Usually groups break up parts of a pattern into chunks, then all work on them within a certain time frame. Some of these are really fast, simple patterns though, so I'll post the link to the full pattern for more experienced folks, and then we can cover certain topics and how to read the pattern everyday for everyone to follow along. Go at your own pace, ask questions, and post pics! For blog participants you can do this in the comments.

I'll post a set of "instructions" from the pattern in the document at the very bottom every day or two, and we can all crochet that portion together. Then if anyone has problems, they can ask directly and we can help each other in the comments. Again - if you are more experienced or just want to zip through, feel free :)

Gimpy Hooker CAL'S!

1. Awareness Ribbon, Part 1

2. Awareness Ribbon Part 2

More coming soon!

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