Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bring the Magic, and Your Fairy Garden, Inside! (Tutorial)

It's getting to be that time......the weather is cooling, it's raining (snowing!) more, and soon it will be full fledged fall and winter. You may have a fairy garden outside that needs to come in, or want to create a new magical miniature garden to have indoors.

Here is a basic tutorial on how to create an indoor fairy garden. You can find loads of accessories for your garden in our Etsy store, The Purple Fairy Shoppe.


  • A planter, perferably 10" or wider, any height is fine
  • At least 3 different house plants, and try to get plants that require the same watering and light
  • River rocks (dollar store!), shells, glass gems, or any other materials to create paths 
  • Spanish Moss
  • Potting Soil
  • Miniature Garden furniture and accessories

New Crochet Patterns and Stuff!

I have not be blogging much - but I HAVE been crocheting and designing, I swear! Just to prove it, and be able to pin the pictures to pimp my goods, here is a quick round up of patterns that are being finalized and tested, a few paid, and a few free (yay!).

1. The "Bears and Bows" hat, sized Preemie through Adult! More pics coming...!

Friday, October 25, 2013

FREE CROCHET PATTERN! "Canyon Sunrise" One Skein Adjustable Cowl

It's that time again..... 

This is a design for an adjustable cowl, perfect for cooler weather and looks lovely with any color changing bulky yarn - I used Lion Brand Homespun in "Painted Desert". The colors reminded me more of a sunrise over a canyon though, hence the name.

This took me almost exactly one skein! FOR THE WIN!!!

It also has an adjustable tie, and with the stitch variation, sits nicely around the neck and off the shoulders. And the color change almost works out per row, which was totally by accident, but we can pretend I'm a yarn and crochet mathematical genius and planned it! Anyway, on to the good stuff...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Bear Cocoon Crochet Pattern is here!

Things have been quiet around here while I recovered from a minor surgery (had a port placed in my chest to receive IV fluids and meds) and a ton of doctors appointments, blood clots on the new port, and more hospital stays. 


"never give up, never surrender!"
(Galaxy Quest)

All theatrics aside, I have a ton of patterns I am trying to get organized, tested by my wonderful group of hookers, into a pretty PDF's with pictures and links, and uploaded. It's slow going, but it's going!

Studio Create! Opening soon!

I am SO excited to announce that after almost a years worth of planning,  we are launching Studio Create! We found a location, secured the i...