Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bring the Magic, and Your Fairy Garden, Inside! (Tutorial)

It's getting to be that time......the weather is cooling, it's raining (snowing!) more, and soon it will be full fledged fall and winter. You may have a fairy garden outside that needs to come in, or want to create a new magical miniature garden to have indoors.

Here is a basic tutorial on how to create an indoor fairy garden. You can find loads of accessories for your garden in our Etsy store, The Purple Fairy Shoppe.


  • A planter, perferably 10" or wider, any height is fine
  • At least 3 different house plants, and try to get plants that require the same watering and light
  • River rocks (dollar store!), shells, glass gems, or any other materials to create paths 
  • Spanish Moss
  • Potting Soil
  • Miniature Garden furniture and accessories


Step One:

Gather materials and add soil and plants. Arrange your plants to leave enough space for your fairy garden decor. I like groups of three or five. My Mom bought a sedum without realizing it would need different soil/water than the other two, so I planted it in sandier soil with more rocks surrounding it away from the other plants.

Gather materials: soil, rocks/pathways material, moss, accessories

Add layer of soil, then plants at varying heights

Step Two:

Create your pathways and landscaping using rocks, sea glass, moss, etc...

 Step Three:

Add your fairy garden miniatures! You can even decorate for the holidays by adding lights and mini holiday items. We have a fall pack available right now perfect for Thanksgiving!

That's it! Very simple, and what a fun way to bring your fairies indoors!

Don't forget to post pics to our Facebook page so we can share your lovely gardens with our fans!
Have an enchanted day <3

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