Thursday, March 21, 2013

Free Pattern/Project: Crochet Rope Headband and Fabric Bow


Well, not really. But -  I love pirates, and found some cool pirate fabric, and wanted to make something not insanely obvious that can be worn to show my love of all things nautical and pirate-tastic.

This project is extremely easy, involved very little sewing (I did mine by hand!), includes a super quick crochet headband, and you can customize it to suite whatever theme you prefer.   

The cool thing (IMO) is that the bow is on a clip, so you can use it on this headband, directly in your hair, or on a bag, scarf, or where ever you want to clip it. And you end up with a cute stand alone headband as well.

I was not feeling well this day, so completed the whole thing from my bed! Please pardon the wrinkled bed cover in all the pictures. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Handmade Craft ADD?

I have been going bonkers lately with the crafts- and there is just so much I want to do, my head is spinning with ideas! I'm pretty sure I have crafty handmade stuff ADD.

Projects in the works:
*Multiple multiple (did I mention multiple?) crochet pieces

*LOADS of jewelry, including the new resin lines, both botanical/spice items and custom charity awareness pendants

*Fabric projects- more hair bows (for little girls too!), pillows, even a few small purses! Pirates, Vintage Star Wars, lace, and Steampunky type fabric themes are WIP

*I started making molds to make my own resin charms, SO EXCITED

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern: Lacy Evening Scarf

As the winter winds down, and the evenings still stay cool in spring, this lightweight (easy!) open design scarf will keep you warm and is quite pretty....dare I say sexy?

It's a lovely deep peacock blue with scattered sequins, just enough bling to make it dressy, or be worn with jeans casually.  

Find it in our ETSY shop at a great price, because it works up quickly. 

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