Friday, December 27, 2013

FREE CROCHET PATTERN: Easy and FAST Toddler "Cotton Candy" Slipper Tutorial

These cute tootsies belong to my daughter, sporting her new Cotton Candy Slippers! I accidentally made the first pair too small, so ended up with sizing for toddler girls both 4/5 and 6/7.

Download a PDF to print from Ravelry HERE.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holy Hooking Batman! New Crochet and Jewelry

Vintage glass and Swarovski Peacock inspired earrings
I have been a busy, busy bee. In the midst of ANOTHER surgery (port removal from my chest) and holiday madness I'm finding great comfort in crocheting and making jewelry, and decided some re-branding was in order for my shop, along with a slow going website overhaul.

My hands are also starting to function semi-well again! Yay for working hands! When already in a wheelchair, the thought of losing hand and arm function is pretty scary.

Anyhoooooo..........thought I'd share some pretty pics of new designs! If a pattern was used, I link to it. The others are my own, added to the long list of patterns I'm slowly compiling to publish, many of which will be FREE! I also am learning metal stamping, which makes jewelry creation that much cooler. Adding a favorite movie quote, initials, or verse to something is really fun!
Tutorial by Nastazia, chain Sashay infinity scarf (LOVE).

Studio Create! Opening soon!

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