Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Goop! A Toddler and Pre-school Activity

I wanted to share this, because it was so darn easy and just as fun for me as it was my son.

I have mentioned on here that I am disabled, and basically home bound. So I don't get to go to the park or do "normal" out of house activities with my kids. So I am always looking for new fun stuff we can do at home.

My daughter (20 months old) brought some artwork home from daycare one day, and her school had created "goop" and the kids painted with it. I tried to re-create it with my 5 year old son, who had a blast getting his hands dirty and making goopy pictures. It has since become a hit in our house and is a great rainy (or not feeling well) day activity.

  • Shaving cream (ours was scented, so the "painting" still smells nice and manly to this day!)
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Finger Paints
  • Glitter
  • Construction Paper
  • A Stainless Steel bowl or Tupperware bowl
  • Little hands for stirring
  • Paintbrush
  • Get a bowl, and spray as much shaving cream as you want into it. I let my son do this, he was pretty excited about it!
  • Add a few tablespoons worth of Elmer's glue. We did not use enough, and the goop didn't stick well to the paper or dry completely, I suggest using as much as you can without it becoming too sticky to use.
  • Add your paint, in a small amount at first, then add until you get the desired color. I let my son play and mix colors as he wanted.
  • The finishing touch is the glitter - who doesn't love glitter? We added blue glitter to the mix and my son stirred everything with his hands. I let him enjoy being messy and stirring until he was ready to paint. 
  • Once the goop has obtained the desired goopy color and texture, slap some on the construction paper and design away! We did hand prints, shapes, and big globs of good old goop. 

That's it! Easiest fun craft ever. Enjoy! 
(pic below of my toddler daughter going bonkers with the goop as well! She loved it.)


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