Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Crochet Patterns and Stuff!

I have not be blogging much - but I HAVE been crocheting and designing, I swear! Just to prove it, and be able to pin the pictures to pimp my goods, here is a quick round up of patterns that are being finalized and tested, a few paid, and a few free (yay!).

1. The "Bears and Bows" hat, sized Preemie through Adult! More pics coming...!

 2.  The 5-Way Infinity/Mobius/Cowl/Scarf


3. The Fat Amy Owl Purse / Mason Jar Cover (MY FAV!)

5. New sizing and yarn options for the Winter Princess Set

6. A shawl skirt combo piece for toddler, girls and adults 

(enter to win a copy by naming this pattern!)

7. The Blueberry Mandala Rug

There are many more, but I shall keep them secret for a bit longer! *insert evil laugh*
I've also been making all kinds of jewelry - just in time for the holiday (hint, hint)!  Check out the pinterest boards for new stuff!


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