Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Bear Cocoon Crochet Pattern is here!

Things have been quiet around here while I recovered from a minor surgery (had a port placed in my chest to receive IV fluids and meds) and a ton of doctors appointments, blood clots on the new port, and more hospital stays. 


"never give up, never surrender!"
(Galaxy Quest)

All theatrics aside, I have a ton of patterns I am trying to get organized, tested by my wonderful group of hookers, into a pretty PDF's with pictures and links, and uploaded. It's slow going, but it's going!

So......the next out is The Baby Bear Cocoon Set! I LOVE this pattern/design, as it comes with both boy and girl pattern versions, three baby sizes (Preemie - 6 mo), works up super fast for a cocoon because of the yarn, and my (finished product) customers have been freaking out with pre-orders.

I really wanted to create something new and different, and did a ton of research as to what's out there to design a set that is unique. I hope you enjoy it! The hat is a stand alone pattern as well, and the entire set can be customized very easily.

Here are some pictures! If you purchase it, be sure to send in finished pictures to my Facebook page!

Also find a coupon code for $1 off on our Facebook page :)

Find it on Etsy and Ravelry:

HAPPY HOOKING! I hope you enjoy it!

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