Monday, April 1, 2013

FREE CROCHET PATTERN: Watermelon Cowl Infinity Scarf

There is nothing quite like WATERMELON. Love the colors, taste, and how refreshing it is.

These bright fun colors in this cowl and funky zig-zag pattern are easy and can be customized to fit your needs. I added an adjustable flower with a hidden button so you can change the style up as needed. It has a wide neck and sits off the shoulder, perfect for the cool nights in spring/summer.

Find the finished item in our Etsy shop HERE.

Free Pattern!

  • I used Lion Homespun Yarn, but you could use anything Worsted Weight or chunkier
  • Color A is City Green, Color B is French Berry.
  • You'll need a 9mm hook for this yarn (for thinner yarn, you may want a smaller hook, probably a 6.5mm, to maintain the tighter look of the zig zag), and a large needle to sew in ends.
  • This pattern switches colors every row. You can either weavein as you go, or carry them. There is edging that will hide either.
  • st = stitch
  • sk = skip
  • ch = chain
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • dc = double crochet
Cowl Pattern:
  •  Using Color A: Ch 27
  •  Row 1: Dc - ch 2 - dc into 6th st from hook, sk 2, *dc - ch 2 - dc, sk 2* across, then dc in last ch
  •  Row 2: Change to Color B: ch 3, *dc - ch 2 -dc into each ch 2 space* across
  •  Row 3: Change to Color A, repeat Row 2
  •  Row 4- ? (I did 30) repeat, alternating colors in each row, beginning each with a ch 3
  •  You can make this shorter or longer depending on your size and style. Once you reach the desired length, sew the cowl ends together to form a continuous ring. Sew/weave in all ends.
  • Edging: I used Color B to edge the cowl and give it a nice finished look, I hdc'd all the way around, using 3 hcd's per space, weaving in ends.

Flower Adjustment Piece:

  • Using Color A, create a spiral coiled flower, I used this pattern/video tutorial as my base (I love the series of tutorials she does, very easy to understand!). I then sewed in matching beads in the center of the flower.
  • Next, Using Color B, ch 6
  • Dc in 2nd ch from hook, then dc across (5 total), ch 2, turn
  • Dc in 2nd st, and across, repeat for 15 rows, always ch 2 and turn at the end of each row
  • Sew one end of the rectangular piece to the underside of the flower
  • Underneath the flower, sew a large button. You can then loop this piece and button it through the other end, bunching it as you like, and adjusting as needed. 
  • Enjoy! Cheers!
Happy Hooking!

 ***Feel free to use your work from my free patterns for whatever purpose you like of course (you legally can sell your work from ANY pattern in the US according to copyright law, you just can't take someone's pattern and claim it as your own), but please link back to my post (not when selling, just re-posting). Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. You may share photos that include the Horizontal Designs text only. 


Debfromhouston said...

I think this is beautiful.thanks for sharing and it will be my very next project.

Unknown said...

Thank you! Would love to see pics :) Happy hooking!

Felicia said...

What size will the end product be?

Unknown said...

How would you carry the yarn since there is only one row of each color?

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