Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Dude Hat - A free crochet pattern!

It's finally here! The Dude Hat crochet pattern! 

Coordinates with The Dude Scarf free pattern, and is very easy, fast, customizable, and a great last minute gift for the dude (or dudette!) in your life. The stitch combination creates a wavy slouchy kind of look, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I hope you are too!

- 1/2 skein of worsted weight yarn (Color A), I used Woolite Cincinnati Green
- 1/3 skein worsted weight accent color (Color B) a Navy Blue of unknown origin :)
-  5.5 mm hook
- Yarn needle for sewing in ends

- DO NOT TURN, join at the end of each round with a slip stitch
- To begin each round, ch 1, then do your first stitch in the same (this creates a more seamless look), I will NOT write Ch 1 at the beginning of each round, please assume it and do it :)
- Pattern is in USA terms
-Finished measurement is 22-24" depending on yarn and tension (mine was 23", I tend to have medium tension)
- You can carry your yarn color changes, or cut and weave. I carried mine, just remember this is a slouchy-ish hat so leave some give on your carry "tails". I used the "invisible join" method.
- Abbreviations: sc = single crochet, hdc = half double crochet, dc = double crochet, tc = triple crochet, st = stitch, sk = skip, * indicates repeat


1. Color B: Create a Magic Ring, dc 6 times into the ring (6)
2. 2 Hdc around (12)
3. Color A: 2 tc in each around (24)
4. *Hdc 2, hdc next 3* around (30)
5. *hdc next 2, 2 hdc* around (40)
6. Color B: *2 tc, tc next 3* around (50)
7. Color A: *hdc next 5, 2 hdc* around - hdc remaining stitches in round (58)
8. *2 tc, tc next 2* around (87)
9. Hdc around (87)
10. Color B: tc around (87)
11. Color A: hdc around (87)
12. Tc around (87)
13. Hdc around (87)r
14. Color B: hdc, sk 1 (to decrease), *hdc next 10, sk 1* around (78)
15. Dc around (78)
16. Color A: dc around (78)
17. Color B: *hdc 15, sk 1 (to decrease)* around, hdc remaining stitches (72)
18. Color A: sc around to finish/create border. You could keep going at this point to make the hat slouchier, or do whatever finishing border you like!

That's it! Please let me know if you find my stitch counts are off at all, I made two of these to double check, but would love the feed back!

THANKS DUDES! Happy hooking!

 ~Patterns/Picture Copyright~ 
Feel free to use free crochet patterns for whatever purpose you like, but please link back to us. Please do not copy and post any patterns and claim as your own, but you may use links that direct to this blog post. You may share photos that include the Horizontal Designs text only, and use of photos or altering of photos without express permission is prohibited and copyright protected.  

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