Sunday, February 3, 2013

Free Pattern: The Dude Scarf!

I recently had a male friend request a scarf, and wanted to make something masculine but with a bit of texture. This pattern has just enough to make it interesting, but is not too overwhelming.

If you don't feel like making this, you can order it on Etsy HERE.

 If you DO want to make it, here is the pattern:

  • 2 balls (plus a little more for fringe if you want it) of  worsted weight yarn, I used Wool Ease Forest Green
  • 9 mm hook
  • Scissors for fringe

  • Holding 2 strands together, Ch 16
  • HDC into 2nd Ch, and across row (14 hdc's), Ch 3
  • *Tc across row (14 tc's), Ch 2
  • Hdc across row (14 hdc's), Ch 2     
  • Hdc across row*
  • Repeat until you run out of yarn, preferably ending with a single hdc row to match your beginning row. It measures approx 7"W by 60" W.   
  • For optional fringe: I tied 2 pieces of about 10" of yarn in each stitch on both end 

    Abbreviations and Tips:

    • Ch = chain
    • hdc = half double crochet
    • tc = triple crochet
    • Be sure to chain loosely at the end of each row to make sure you get your 14 st in each row, and are not ending up with banged up finders trying to pry open that last stitch open (not speaking from experience - I swear!)
    • Stretch your scarf as you go. I find with this yarn it keeps the spacing and ends more even.
That's it! Hopefully the dude (man or woman) in your life will enjoy this scarf!

And here is a picture of my friend Jason that was just sent, sporting his Dude Scarf!

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Annie A said...

Love this pattern can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Claire Martin - Owner said...

Thanks, I will make this as a gift.

Claire Martin - Owner said...

Glad you like it Regina! Thanks!

Claire Martin said...

This might be a basic question...I'm new at this craft. When you start the scarf with the chain, instructions say "...holding two strands together..." Is the entire piece worked with two strands, or just the beginning and finishing rows?

Claire Martin said...

Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I am new to crocheting (almost two months new) and this is such a beautiful yet simple scarf!

Jackyjoesnoop said...

I have the same ?as Claire? Do we use a double strand for the whole scarf? I am also a beginner. Thanks

Jessicca Bowman said...

I guess it didnt post but i was wondering if you use 2 strands for the whole scarf. Thank you in advance.

KimmieAnne said...

Yes, according to the pattern as written-use two strands for the entire scarf. That's why you need two balls of yarn.

Cindy Sherman said...

I love this pattern, I made it in black for my husband so he could wear it to work and it would keep him toasty warm.

AmyTaracido said...

Could you use a thicker weight yarn instead of 2 strands of worsted?

AmyTaracido said...


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