Friday, October 9, 2015

Free Crochet Pattern! Skinny Sashay Scarf - No Ruffles!

I have a confession to make: I *highly dislike* ruffled sashay scarves! I prefer a feather boa anyday. I don't like making them, or the way they look, but I *LOVE* the yarn! It's metallic and sparkly and soft, and comes in fabulous colors. 

I found a bunch in my stash the other day and decided to solve this problem. This pattern is fast, simple, and there are no ruffles involved :) Hope you enjoy! 

The Skinny Sashay Scarf: 

- 2 1/4 skeins of Red Heart sashay yarn, in "boogie" or other color
- Q  / 15mm hook
- large tapestry needle
- stitches: dc = double crochet, ch = chain
- American crochet terms
- I used the "invisible join" method and it worked just fine with Sashay yarn to add a new skein! 

1. Ch 92, dc in 3rd, dc across, be sure to dc in top loop only, join new skein when needed in that row. In last stitch dc 3 times around (see pic below) (92)
2. Move beginning ch "knot" and continue to dc, do not turn, and continue using only the top loop left over from your starting chain (92). Tie off and sew in ends.
3. Cut 10 even lengths of yarn, knot to form fray. I did mine around 10" each, 5 on each side. Customize however you want!

Left: dc around beginning ch
Right: the end of your scarf after dc-ing around

Done! Easy! Fast! Happy Hookin!


***this and all patterns on this site are copyrighted to Horizontal Designs, The Gimpy Hooker and not to be reproduced or copied without permission. PS - You may legally sell finished products from ANY pattern! 

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