Friday, January 3, 2014

The Men's Crochet Scarf Blues & Holiday Gifts

Overlay sc striping! Made for my Dad. Used Homespun and Caron Simply Soft.
I had tons of fun this Christmas creating scarves for the guys in my life (and a few clients!) and other random crochet stuff for family, friends, and clients.

Everything for the guys ended up blue! Not on purpose, just ended up that way. I "made" (or, rather he played along) my husband model this scarf created for my brother. This is what happened:

 He was a good sport (kind of), and after about 30 pictures I finally got a decent one:

He's such a stud. Here are a few other pictures of men's scarves, a few of which were made from the free pattern "The Dude Scarf". I'm finalizing the pattern for the scarf my husband is modeling.

Some other random gift creations for family/friends/clients, almost all are original patterns:

Cotton dishcloths, the star was a free pattern.

Bookmark with metal stamped tag and pearls.
New fav! Bright and fun granny stripe scarf :)

Monster silly slippers for my son, in RH Blacklight yarn (it glows!)

Flapper inspired hat, LOVE this! Made a toddler sized one for my daughter as well.

Thick warm shawl in earthy tones with an adjustable button. 

What did you make? 
What were your favorite patterns this Holiday season? 
Happy Hooking!


Jill Goldberg said...

Love everything you've made, but I think my favourite has to be your son's SILLY SLIPPERS. LOVE THEM. Do you have a pattern available for those? (to purchase) :-)

Claire Martin said...

Jill - that was an on the fly pattern :) I did a lot of praying that they would match up in the end! LOL

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