Monday, January 20, 2014

ERASABLE Stitch Markers and Sets - Preview!

Erasable backside, "Accio Hook" on the font!

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - these are so fun to make!

In our new Gimpy Hooker Shop on Etsy, there will be a line of custom themed and beaded stitch markers for both crochet and (gasp!) knitting. The clasps are big enough, so work for both.

Plus - I developed a line of ERASABLE stitch/project markers that are not on the market anywhere. Using household stuff, you can record hook size, row, pattern name, whatever will fit - and then wipe it clean over and over! Guaranteed to work or money back! SO EXCITED! Did I mention I'm excited????  Here are a few samples of what's coming...

Winter Is Coming/Game of Thrones Set

Walking Dead/Zombies/Daryl "I ain't nobody's stitch" themed Set
"Enchanted Stitches" erasable tag
The Enchanted Garden Set

Alice in Wonderland Stempunky Set - these are HUGE and gorgeous <3
MORE COMING! True Blood, Wizard of Oz, Late Night Hooker, and all kinds of themes. Also will have lots of single markers and affordable beaded sets, and fun yarn arts lover jewelry!

Happy Creating!!!

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