Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Flowers and Rhinestone and Buttons, Oh my!

Wooden buttons in fun prints!
I'm so excited to have all this sparkly and colorful stuff stocked for The Gimpy Hooker shop

Here are some pictures of what just came in:

Super sparkly pearl rhinestones
HUGE polka dot chiffon flowers *swoon*
Bold Rosette rhinestones, 8 colors
HUGE lace shabby chic flowers
22mm Rosettes in fun colors

Shabby rose trim in literally 50+ colors and prints!

I LOVE THESE. Rose gold tones and insanely shiny! I love shiny!

Chevron flowers with buttons and clips! <3
There are many more, find pictures on our Facebook page.....and look for a new free pattern in the next week! NEW GRANNY SQUARE!!!!


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