Thursday, November 21, 2013

Small Business Saturday Sale & Giveaway!

Saturday, Nov 30 is Small Business Saturday (SBS)! 

Sales are now live! 25% off on Ravelry and Etsy! Runs through Cyber Monday!

Why does this matter? Because making just one purchase from a local small business, or online artisan, puts money back into your local economy, as well as supporting the thousands of people like myself who create things by hand from home!

Those people include single mom's and dad's, the disabled, hard working people who spend their extra hours outside a normal job creating things, and traditional small business owners who want a larger online presence.  

Why else is it extra cool to buy from artisan?

That's easy! You will find unique, one of a kind items that places like Walmart and Kmart will never have. The items you buy have been lovingly made by hand, and all have a story behind them attached to a real person who created that item - just for you! They were not made in factories with questionable (that is a generous term!) labor laws in vulnerable third world parts of the world.

So jump on this bandwagon! It's a good one. Whether the local hobby, gift, or flower shop - or through online sites like Etsy, Artfire, and StoreEnvy, make the pledge to buy just ONE thing and make a difference in the economy and someone's life!

Here's an image you can share to help get the word out! American Express sponsors Small Business Saturday, you can find more on their site HERE.

AND FINALLY ~~~ to celebrate, we have partnered with The Crochet Lounge and a ton of fabulous vendors for a giant giveaway party! Enter below for the next week! (takes a sec to load)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! And Happy Small Biz Shopping!

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