Friday, July 5, 2013

The YarnHeads Project!!! A New Charity For Crocheters and Knitters!

I have not blogged in a while, because behind the scenes have been super busy coordinating a new charity org for yarn lovers of all types called........

The Yarnheads Project! 

Our Facebook Page is live, and the website is up!

Here's a quick breakdown of what it is, and how you can get involved:


Mission: Our mission is simple - to unite the crochet and knitting community to bring as many donated items to those in need as possible, and to provide a verified database of legitimate organizations to donate these items to.

1. Collect the following items that are handmade crochet and knit donations:
- Hats in all sizes
- Scarves and shawls for children and adults
- Blankets in all sizes
- Baby clothing
- Mittens, gloves, socks, and slippers
- Pet beds and dog sweaters
- Larger toys/dolls

2. Verify contact info, needs, and mailing addresses for small, grassroots under-served organizations from across the nation that will benefit from these donations.
Types of organizations include:
- Homeless shelters and organizations that hand out clothing to the homeless
- Women’s shelters and homes
- Children’s homes
- Hospitals with NICU’s and bereavement programs
- Pet Shelters

3. Collect yarn and/or gift cards to locations that sell yarn to “sponsor” volunteer designers that will use that yarn solely to create items to donate to verified organizations. Pictures of work and receipts or yarn purchases must be provided by the volunteer designers. NO MONEY WILL BE COLLECTED AT THIS POINT.

4. To host drives for a variety of needed items in The Yarnheads Project name.

5. To enlist volunteers to go out and hand out hats, scarves, and blankets to the homeless in person. This will be our Yarnhead Street Crew.

6. To encourage designers to create unique patterns and tutorials for The Yarnheads Project specifically, and to promote them in return.

7. To enlist the help via promotion and donation of supplies by large crochet and knit websites, and yarn/craft supply companies.

Donations are coming in! So exciting!

If you want to volunteer, make something, or donate yarn, please contact Claire Martin at The Yarnheads project via email for more info:

THANKS! Let's do this!!!!

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