Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's Done! My First c2c Afghan

Am so excited to have finally finished this corner to corner (aka c2c) afghan - it's definitely the biggest project I've done - and I love the way the colors turned out!I attempted to create a Moroccan jewel tone style - the jury is out on if that worked!

It started with this color palate:

...but ended up frogging the yellow and leaving it out.....

Then I put it down. Picked it up. Repeat repeat repeat - for almost a year! Forgot the best way to do the box stitch used in the c2c, and had to constantly refer to the awesome video from Mikey at the Crochet Crowd found below:

And so it grew....

 And grew some more....

At this point I was so in love with the jewel tones and coral pop of colors, I had to finish. But realized I counted wrong for the decrease and ended up filling in the last corner with the dark purple color. I then added a crocodile flowers, a free- form leafy type thing, (free flower pattern found HERE), and whaaaaa-la!

DONE! So excited to finally have it in my living room!

Find project details on my Ravelry page <3
Happy hooking!


TekklaCreations said...

Hi! Love love the colors!! Great work! I like the border. Someone was asking about a border (or not) for a C2C at The Crochet Crowd and I was surprised Mikey said "no border" if it were his project. I think a border adds more polish to any work. :-) Ana here just in case you have no idea. Lol

Claire Martin said...

Thanks Ana! I had to do the border to secure all those ends, no matter how much weaving in, they they still make me nervous! LOL

Vanny MAllen said...

Hi! I have been searching for border tutorials to finish my C2C project without much success. I love the border you created. Would you mind sharing how you did the border? Thank you