Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holy Hooking Batman! New Crochet and Jewelry

Vintage glass and Swarovski Peacock inspired earrings
I have been a busy, busy bee. In the midst of ANOTHER surgery (port removal from my chest) and holiday madness I'm finding great comfort in crocheting and making jewelry, and decided some re-branding was in order for my shop, along with a slow going website overhaul.

My hands are also starting to function semi-well again! Yay for working hands! When already in a wheelchair, the thought of losing hand and arm function is pretty scary.

Anyhoooooo..........thought I'd share some pretty pics of new designs! If a pattern was used, I link to it. The others are my own, added to the long list of patterns I'm slowly compiling to publish, many of which will be FREE! I also am learning metal stamping, which makes jewelry creation that much cooler. Adding a favorite movie quote, initials, or verse to something is really fun!
Tutorial by Nastazia, chain Sashay infinity scarf (LOVE).

The After Dinner Mint Shawl

Peony Ring and Beaded Bracelet

The Vineyard Hat

Coral and Navy Necklace, can be customized in an colors!

 And last, but not personal fav (besides the Sashay chain infinity scarf), is this hand stamped Firefly / Serenity charm bracelet, "Big Damn Heroes" - which is a quote from one of my favorite cancelled shows. If you are a brown coat, you'll understand :)

 Find these in my Etsy shop! Post links to your latest projects below!

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