Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Handmade Craft ADD?

I have been going bonkers lately with the crafts- and there is just so much I want to do, my head is spinning with ideas! I'm pretty sure I have crafty handmade stuff ADD.

Projects in the works:
*Multiple multiple (did I mention multiple?) crochet pieces

*LOADS of jewelry, including the new resin lines, both botanical/spice items and custom charity awareness pendants

*Fabric projects- more hair bows (for little girls too!), pillows, even a few small purses! Pirates, Vintage Star Wars, lace, and Steampunky type fabric themes are WIP

*I started making molds to make my own resin charms, SO EXCITED

*I really went off the deep end and started making miniatures for fairy gardens. I have had fairy gardens on the brain for a while now, hobbit holes, little birdbaths, doors, tables and chairs and such...oh my! My family thinks I've lost it. I may have!

*Completing the official Horizontal Designs website

Note: To accommodate the sewing, I now have a small machine with a switch instead of a pedal. Trying to sew in a reclined wheelchair when I usually need my legs propped up a bit to prevent blood pooling from my Dysautonomia was making the thought of sewing a challenge. Very excited!

And after I get theses current things finished, I have my eye on soap making. Seriously.

So, in summary, I will have massive amounts of new stuff on Etsy, in my yard, and to wear. And I will keep working on these projects in ADD circles, while working on projects for clients as well. And that's fine with me!

Anyone else have craft ADD? Would love to hear about it. I'm thinking it's at least partially Pinterest's fault.



Michele B said...

Definitely have craft ADD as well but it's so much fun! Made soap for the first time a couple weeks ago and it was great! I was intimidated by the lye but was careful and it all turned out great! Good luck to you :) Michele (PS. thanks for the Lacy Scarf pattern I found on AllFreeCrochet - I will make one today hopefully.)

KB's Mom said...

I confess..I am afflicted. Crochet, scrap-booking..sewing..soap making, jewerly..the list goes on and on. I think I may be a cooking addict.. If if can be made instead of bought I will certainly give it a shot!
Michele B always remember scum goes on top of water.. Meaning put in the water and then the lye NOT the other way round. (don't ask) your kitchen will thank you!

Claire Martin - Owner said...

So glad I am not the only one! Thank you both for the soap tips, I think I may start with the easy glycerine microwave stuff and add botanicals and fruits to it, will be a fun experiment!

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