Friday, January 18, 2013

My Reluctant Model, aka Baby Photo Shoot FAIL

My baby girl is 16 months old, and is adorable. 

She loves to try on clothes, twirl, dance, and touches every texture to see what it feel like. She loves clothes, sparkles, horses, and is cool enough that she loves superhero's and train building too.

But a mini-model she is not! I have been trying new crochet item on her to take pictures for the new Etsy store, and have had little to no luck.

 So, when I made this Froggy Hugs Hat, I just had to get her to hold still for a picture. She had other plans! I had to share the cuteness. Three tries, three outfits, no good pictures. I may need to enlist a pro!

no - I will NOT look up!

Still no looking up, and you may not button the neck-warmer!

Cute, but fuzzy pic! And in a sleeper!
I'm so over this Mommy.

By the way, I love this hat! Here are some non-model pics. I'll have the pattern up for sale soon.

Tips for kid pics welcome :)

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Heather Rottenberg said...

Do you have a stash of new toys she's never seen? When I was working, we would keep a supply of inexpensive dollar store toys for times such as this when we *really* needed to get a child's attention or reward (dare I say "bribe?") them for doing what we asked. I'll email you some links of examples that work particularly well for getting attention where you want it —like towards a camera. Also, have you considered taking continuous digital video feeds of her in the hat and grabbing stills of the exact perfect frames off your computer? That can be easier than snapping the shutter at the right moment!

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